We’re approaching the holiday season which means with all of the indulgent foods even our yoga leggings start to feel a little snug. If you’re like me, you’ve already broken out the candy that was originally intended for trick or theaters. I’m sure they won’t miss a few pieces! This is a challenging time of year to stay healthy. While we aren’t in the thick of holiday season where you feel like everywhere you turn someone has made a baked good or savory treat, this time of year definitely kicks off the holidays. While it can be hard to eat clean throughout the holidays, you can try to do yoga poses and flows that build heat and burn calories. Here are some poses that will help to do both:

Boat Pose

Boat Pose will build heat and strength in your core, especially your abdomen.

  1. To perform, sit on your mat with your legs out in front of you.
  2. Place your hands by your hips and lean back slightly.
  3. Lift your legs up so your body forms a “V” shape, and if you feel comfortable extend your arms out with your palms facing each other.
  4. Hold for several breaths.


Dolphin Plank Pose

Any sort of plank is magnificent for building strength in your core.

  1. To perform dolphin plank pose, start in table top position.
  2. Place your forearms on the ground about shoulder length apart.
  3. Step your feet back towards the back of your mat and look between your hands.
  4. Hold for several breaths.


Chair Pose

Chair pose is great for building heat and really working your legs, glutes, and abs. The lower you go the more your body will work!

  1. To perform, start in mountain pose, then slowly lower by bending your knees.
  2. Keep your knees over your ankles and left your hands over your head.
  3. If lifting your arms begins to be too challenging, you can place them in prayer position.
  4. With each controlled breath you take, lower a little bit more to keep challenging yourself.

Revolved Side Angle

This pose is great for the holidays because along with it being a pose that builds heat, it is a twist pose so it helps your body to detox as well.

  1. To perform, start in mountain pose.
  2. Step your feet about 4 feet apart and place your hands on your hips.
  3. Turn your right foot out so it’s facing the front of your mat, and turn your left foot in slightly to the right.
  4. Bend your right knee keeping the right knee over your right ankle.
  5. Twist your torso so you are facing the same direction as your right leg and lift your hands in the air.
  6. Lean forward and lower your left arm and place your hand on the outside of your right leg.
  7. Lift your right arm so it’s over your head.
  8. Hold the pose for several breaths.


Warrior III pose

Warrior poses are meant to make you feel strong and powerful, hence the name. Since Warrior III is a balance pose it is particularly good for building heat and strength.

  1. To perform, shift your weight to your right leg and extend your left leg behind you.
  2. Shift your torso forward and your arms reach towards the front of the room.
  3. Ideally your body will be like one long line.
  4. Keep the foot of your lifted leg flexed towards the back of the room.
  5. Try to balance as long as you can and hold for several breaths.


These poses will all help you build some inner heat and are great calorie burning poses for the upcoming months. I hope you enjoy!

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