Sometimes it seems as if all the most famous yogis are women. Despite its masculine beginnings, yoga has come to be dominated by women since its emergence into western society and male practitioners tend to be in the background of this fitness revolution. But the truth is that there are some amazing male yogis out there, some of whom use yoga as just a part of their fitness routine, and others who are dedicated to the entire yoga lifestyle. Whatever level of yoga they pursue, we’re going to bring just a few of them to your attention here.

Dylan Werner

Set in some stunning natural surroundings, most images of this yogi show him twisting his toned body into impressive shapes and showing off armfuls of brightly colored tattoos. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, Dylan Werner is considered a world leader in yoga strength training and definitely puts aside the assumption that yoga can’t help create or maintain some impressive musculature.

Yancy Scot Schwartz

Breaking every stereotype he comes across, Yancy Scot Schwartz is a skateboard riding, guitar playing, tattooed yogi who posts yoga images in surprisingly real places. Whether he’s on a beach, standing in a graffiti-ridden stairwell, or beneath a sunny work of art, there is a real artistic tone to what this yogi shares with the world.

Jared Fu

The images on this feed are deliberately stripped down and artistic, allowing the simple and natural beauty of his poses, and his life, to show through. The basically beautiful imagery allows the strength and flexibility of this yogi’s body to take center stage, and it’s an amazing show to watch and try to emulate.

Deandre Morgan

For sheer strength and impressive control, you can’t go past Deandre Morgan. This yogi is the one to watch if you want to see what the body is capable of with discipline, strength and total control.

Dice Iida-Klein

An internationally renowned yoga teacher who is a fan of fiendishly difficult looking headstands and Acro Yoga, which is yoga with a partner. He is also an instructor for the Yoga and Meditation app YogaGlo, so you can be sure that he knows his stuff.


Taylor Harkness 

This yogi seems to know everything about the discipline, and he shares that knowledge with anyone who comes into contact with him. Even across the internet, he comes across as warm and accessible, and he also leads several of the classes on the YogaGlo app.

Derrick Townsel

For those who still believe that yoga is ‘girly’, we have Derrick ‘DJ’ Townsel. A former NFL wide receiver, this yogi is dedicated to making yoga accessible and useful to men. He is proof that being strong and athletic doesn’t have to mean having massive muscles that don’t bend, and his love of yoga is cheerfully contagious.

Despite appearances, yoga can be just as beneficial for male practitioners as for females, and the number of totally ripped male yogis gives ample evidence of that. Yoga is a gender-neutral form of exercise, and the perception of it being female-dominated should not be allowed to discourage men from enjoying this very popular and beneficial form of exercise.

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