While there are some who feel that incorporating music into yoga can be detrimental, certain yoga teachers have taken careful consideration to this. They have come up with powerful playlists to enhance their classes. Why take all the trouble of doing this? Here are 6 key benefits that you can get by incorporating music into your yoga class.

Stress Management

In the world we live in today, there is so much stress in the environments that we work in. It is therefore not uncommon to feel exhausted after a day’s work. One of the best ways to deal with such stress is to go to a yoga class that incorporates music into the movements. Pleasant soft music can aid in calming your emotions and relaxing your mental faculties.


Is a Healing Aid

There are numerous studies that have conclude that music has a healing effect. People have recovered much more quickly after surgery just by listening to music. Are you ailing emotionally? Have you lost a loved one and you just can’t seem to manage your sorrow? Then listening to music during a yoga meditation exercise can be a wonderful way to heal.

This not only heals your mental wounds but also physical ones. Your brain has the power to restore health to your physical body. That is why listening to positive music has the seemingly magic power to restore health to affected body tissues.


Can Help Increase the Level of Concentration

There is a difference between concentration and meditation. Concentration entails focusing your mind towards achieving one goal. With music, it easy to block out other external dictations such noisy neighborhoods or honking vehicles.

Since yoga offers a terrific opportunity to meditate, even on other aspects of your life, music can help you concentrate on building positive thoughts while practicing yoga.


Improving Memory

Another key benefit of music is improving memory. By clearing stressful thoughts, it is possible to have a higher capacity to recall. That is why people say that when they hear a certain song, they remember certain things that happened then.


Aid in Momentum

In Vinyasa yoga, the poses and the movements are much faster and intricately connected. Without some sort of directional instructions, one can be left behind as other move along. That is why some tutors aid their students by calling out the movements or breathing motions. Instead of this, music is a much better aid in making such movement more natural. As long as there are no distracting lyrics, the music can be of great benefit. Try it and see the difference.


It’s Inspirational

The reason why some yogis are careful in choosing their playlists is the effect they desire to draw from it. With the right that inspires, it is possible to improve one’s resolve in life. This is especially possible when inspirational words are consumed during a meditation session.

For someone who has lost hope in life or one who is feeling distraught, music is key. A few sessions of listening to inspirational music can leave one feeling great and motivated. With the right choice of music in yoga, it is possible to change one’s state of mind.


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