Have you been in the market for a new yoga mat recently? If you have, you may have been overwhelmed at the sheer selection available, even from major retailers that don’t specialize in yoga gear. Where there was once just a rainbow of colors to choose from, there are now patterns and designs aplenty to satisfy any design preference. 

While you may be quickly overwhelmed by the abundance of yoga mats, does the design of your mat really matter to your practice? 

Instead of standing in the aisles for hours while you decide which pattern will enhance your practice, try to keep these tips in mind. They can help you to figure out what’s most important to you and how your yoga practice can benefit from a new mat:

  • Color Can Really Alter Your Mood And Prana Energy

There’s an entire field of psychology dedicated to color theory. The way that a particular shade makes you feel when you see it is a subconscious reaction. For example, blue and green usually have the capacity to make you feel more relaxed. Meanwhile, yellow can make you feel more alert and give you additional energy. 

You may want to consider what type of color could enhance your mood. Do you need help slowing down and paying attention to the breath? If anxiety frequently overwhelms you during your practice, a cooler color may be an ideal choice for you. 

If you seem to be lacking the necessary energy to pull yourself through a vigorous yoga routine, a brighter color may inspire you to push yourself harder through one more vinyasa. You may find yourself moving into each asana with renewed energy when surrounded by bright and warm colors. 

The Design May Have A Meaning 

Do you ever feel like you need a visual reminder to maintain your intentions? Sometimes having a picture of something that allows you to ground yourself in practice is helpful. Many yoga mat manufacturers try to select images and patterns that resonate with the yogis who use them. 

Yogis who struggle to stay grounded in their practice may love the imagery of a tree beneath them. Similarly, a wandering mind may be better anchored by an ohm symbol or experience more peace with a lotus flower nearby. A swirling pattern of dots and lines could help you to focus your drishti on one set spot as you untangle their complicated weave. 

Don’t Be Distracted By The Pattern

Is there such a thing as too much color and pattern on your yoga mat? Small amounts of well-placed color psychology and imagery can guide yogis deeper into their practice. However, loud bursts of color and heavy patterning could actually be a distraction from the asana in your practice. 

If you choose to use a mat with a color or design to deepen your yoga practice, be careful that it doesn’t become a dangerous distraction. These mats certainly have plenty of benefits when used properly in a regular yoga practice.

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