Meditation is an important practice, but it’s a hard practice to master. It’s even harder to get it right when we’re distracted, so it’s important to make sure that your clothing and environment won’t cause any unnecessary distractions. Everything surrounding you while you meditate should give you positive vibes that make you feel happy, comfortable, and provide visual appeal.

To set yourself up for meditative success, create a practice area in your home where you can meditate distraction-free. This space should be comfortable and created just for you. Make it a place where you can seek relaxation and solace to meditate regularly. Explain to your roommates, family, and friends that this is a sacred space just for you and that you need some time distraction-free for meditating. As you begin to create your meditation space, fill it with the following comfy must-haves:

Meditation Pillow

Adding lovely décor to your meditation space will improve the quality of your practice by making you more physically comfortable. It’s much easier to stay in a seated position and maintain proper spine alignment if you are sitting on a meditation pillow. Your meditation pillow doesn’t have to be anything special, but it should provide sufficient padding to soften the strain of sitting on a hard surface for an extended period of time. A simple meditation pillow is the quickest way to improve your practice.

Green Plants

Green plants filter the air and bring new life into a room. They are a symbol of intention, caring, and nourishment which will add greatly to your meditation space. Fill this space with attractive green plants that will allow you to breathe in fresh, clean air while you sink into your meditations. Some options for air cleansing green plants include Aloe Vera, bamboo, snake plant, ficus, and peace lily.


Music can be soothing and set the mood for meditation, especially for beginners who have trouble relaxing. Play calming music to help you de-stress and unwind, or try an app for guided meditation, especially if you are new to meditating. If you choose music over guided meditation, make sure it’s something without words to help ease distractions.


Candles are gentle on the eyes and the open flame usually creates a sense of calm. Choose candles in a gentle scent and allow the warm glow to help you ease into a proper meditative state. Some people also find that focusing on the gentle flame allows them to clear their minds and sink in meditation.

Comfy Clothes

This is the number one comfy must-have for meditation. Comfortable womens gym clothes are essential to helping you relax and practice meditation distraction-free. Being uncomfortable makes meditation impossible so you don’t want a tight waist, itchy tags, or any other distracting or uncomfortable clothing that prevents you from focusing and relaxing. Eliminate any potential distractions by wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothes that fall away from the body.

Now that you’ve created a distraction-free meditation space, keep in mind that meditation is still a difficult practice. It takes time and patience so start slow, and increase the time of your practice as you grow and become more comfortable sitting in meditation.

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